Monday, October 17, 2011


This is going to be the name of my new quilt. I absolutely love Adele's song called Rumour Has It and with all of the word fabric in this quilt I've decided to name it after her song. I've been collecting fabric with words, music, numbers etc on them for ages and now I'm finally making a quilt from them.
Here is what I'm working on for the borders.
This quilt is for me, I feel like I haven't made myself anything for ages.


  1. I saw the other post with the words being included, this is interesting ... I don't understand it but I am following with interest!

  2. I love it! Brilliant idea to use the selveges for the border, ties the whole lot together.
    Also I think you deserve to keep it for yourself, especially if you've been collecting fabric for ages. Go on Sue, spoil yourself :)

  3. i really inspired and hope can make one someday!

    Thanks sue.

  4. I have recently made m first tumbler quilt (6.5'') with the GO! for a new baby. I just love the tumblers and hope to make many more. I just love your one ! Very nice.


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