Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After much consideration, I decided that my Dear Jane quilt is just too much for me to take on at the moment, so I am now going to make Sylvia's Bridal Sampler instead with only 140 blocks not 225.
There is a lot of talk on blogs and over at Flickr about the Farmer's Wife Sampler that lots of people are doing, I possibly would have joined in except that I had already ordered the above book when this started.

I am very happy with my choice as I've mentioned before, I am totally addicted to the Elm Creek Quilt books and this sampler is one of the quilts mentioned in the series. I feel a connection with this quilt and because of that connection I am hoping that I will infact finish this amazing quilt.

M plan is to make up at least 2 blocks a week with one being a difficult block. I am using modern fabrics on a white background and will start a Flickr group so you can see my progress and join in if you so desire. There will be a link to the right of this blog that you can click on to take you directly to the group. I am happy to go it alone, but if you are even a little interested, the book can be purchased from bookdepository.com for as little as $18 and free postage worldwide.

So, here are the blocks I have made up today.

Rosebud (D-8)

Irish Chain (B-9)

Card Trick (N-2)

The blocks are 6" square (hopefully anyway).

If nothing else, my piecing of triangles should be near to perfect by the time I finish.

It is my intention to trim the blocks at the end, that is why they don't look so great in my photos.


  1. You are so clever! I am just starting my first real patchwork quilt, but it is a very basic pattern using Moda 'French General' range fabrics. I have read quite a lot of the Elm Creek Quilt books, and they do make you want to get sewing!!

    Good luck, hope to see more photos soon!

  2. My friend Naomi would love that book! Where did you get it please Sue?

  3. I just read again and saw where, I read too fast before. Thanks!

  4. loving the rosebud block, Sue! Your fabrics are perfect!

  5. even sewing ONE thing that was 6x6 would defeat me, Sue. I love the rosebud square - very elegant.


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