Monday, May 30, 2011


but I love busy, so that's okay.

More market sewing, it's this coming Sunday and I still want to do a heap more but even if I don't get to my machine again this week, I'll be happy with the variety and amount of things I have to offer.

I finally put together and quilted this beauty. I have one more that is almost identical to sew together and then that is the last of this original Dr Seuss fabric. I will hand sew the binding tonight while I watch some tv.
Poor Sophie struggled to hold this quilt up for me, the things I make my children do when they are home sick from school.

I finished this next top off last night, it's a nice size for a pram quilt and I will hopefully finish it off tomorrow.
and... some small kids tote bags, I made 4 of these but I think Sophie thinks that one of them is hers.
I've also made a stack of burp cloths and baby wraps and am busy painting up a new wooden display for my bags and quilts.

What have you been creating today? I'd love to know.

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  1. I love that dog quilt...I have those dogs !!!!


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