Tuesday, May 17, 2011


These are so much fun to make. Here are 80's inspired cassette tape wristlets. One will go to my partner for our "I heart the 80's" flickr swap, the others will go on my market stall in June.
Oh, and do you see my new fabric tags? I love them, they were made by MommieMadeIt over on Etsy. If you are looking for tags, please take the time to link to Lisa's site and see what she offers.


  1. Hi Sue, I just love these little wristlets. The one for the 80's swap is darling indeed! I showed a little of my ignorance when I commented over on Flickr thinking that this was a large tote! Anyway, how does one get a hold of this pattern? Thanks!

  2. Hello Sue
    Just wanted to thank you for sharing with me, your enjoyment of reading the Elm Creek Quilters novels. I thought seriously about buying them from US but the postage was going prohibit it so I went to my local library, and I am into the 10th book in the series. I love them. So easy to read & so relatable to this patchworker.
    Best wishes from very wet & cool Denmark. WA Bobbie

  3. Hi Sue you make some really gorgeous things...I also love the tags you sew onto your items...did you make them yourself or did you bu them...I'm wanting to either make or buy some of them to sew onto my bags and other things I sew.Great blog :)I'd love you to drop by for a visit if you aren't too busy one day ...
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)


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