Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Finding yet another way to store stuff. These drawers are for my market supplies.
The beginning of a quilt for my best friend who lost her mum to cancer last year. Birds have a special meaning to her and the connection to her mum and I hope that this quilt can give her some comfort when she's having a bad day.
More Far Far Away fabric purchased on a really good special.
Cute prints for market totes.
Something I am finally going to do, it will probably take me a few years to complete but that's okay, I'm not in any hurry. I will 'mod' it up a bit using aqua, red/orange and white.
New Books
Some goodies I picked up at our local quilting day held once a year in a different town. The book has some really good ideas for gifts in it.


  1. love the fabric for your market totes

  2. oooh your post is full of eye candy! I love what you are working on for you r friend. I am sure it will be a comfort to her. I love your fabric picks for the dear jane.

  3. Hi Sue! I came for a visit from BQF and I am so happy I decided to stay for a while. I love your quilts, and wanted to let you know that some of us are starting our "Contemporary Jane" soon! (and I am also planning to use reds and aquas in mine :)
    Valentina in faraway Cyprus


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