Sunday, April 10, 2011


We had an amazing arts and craft market today. I was really busy all day and certainly didn't expect to be as the date had been changed and the weather was terrible. My friend Naomi contacted me and asked if she could use a little bit of space on my table to sell her knitted beanies. Of course I said yes, it's great to have someone to chat with and to be able to give you a toilet break! I've ordered a slouch beanie from her and can't wait to have it for the long cold winter I think we will have.

I sold out of most items once again and have a couple of orders to fill this week also. I'm tired, cold and very happy that so many people appreciate what I do.


  1. I'm so pleased it went so well again Sue.

  2. It all looks wonderful Sue, I'm not surprised you sold out.

  3. that must have been very satisfying, Sue. A good feeling for sure when you know somebody appreciates what you make.


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