Sunday, February 6, 2011


My feet hurt, I'm in my pjs at 6pm but I'm feeling very happy about the market today. My hard work paid off and I pretty much sold out of everything. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes for today, it was wonderful to see people loving my work.

I didn't get to take a photo at the beginning of the day so by the time I took this one I had sold quite a bit.

I also wanted to show you the artwork of Cherrie, a fellow crafter and friend of mine. Her felting is to die for and I got to be right next door to her today which was lovely as we haven't caught up in quite a while.

So I have another month to make up lots of stock ready for the next market, I'm resting tonight but will be back on track tomorrow.


  1. Well done Sue! Everything looks lovely. I especially love the art work with the birds :)

    Wow those felted animals are amazing.

    Such talented ladies!

  2. your stall looks wonderful, so glad all your hard work was appreciated.

  3. Oh I so want a polar bear. They are so cute.

    I'm really pleased that your sale went well. It must feel so rewarding to have your hard work being appreciated enough to have people part with cash to have them!

  4. Hi,
    I'm happy that the day has been positive... :-)

    ciao ciao

  5. Congratulations on your comeback to "the market" Sounds like it would be a great time. Your stall looks really prettily displayed. Quite welcoming. I am sure I would be drawn to see what you were making. Hope they continue in a very positive way for you.

  6. Those felted animals are so cute -- love the polar bears.


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