Monday, January 24, 2011


Monique lives in The Netherlands, we've never met face to face but hopefully we will one day. We met online a few years ago due to similar artistic interests and have become internet penpals of sorts over this time.

Today I received a wonderful package from Monique, in it was lots of yummy treats and these amazing canvases that just blew me away. She's a sneaky thing, Miss Monique, as she has taken photos of Heidi and me and Darren and done amazing things with them. I wish you could feel the texture and see all of the work that has gone into these works of art.

I am putting up a shelf in my work room and they will sit proudly on it for me and my family to admire every day.

Thank you so much Monique, they will be treasured and I will think of you so far away whenever I see them.


  1. Wow Sue,they are awesome! What a clever friend :D

  2. They are fabulous! I can see the 3d effect even through the screen.


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