Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I woke up at 5am and worried about how much I have to do before the market in February. You see when I did markets before I had a good stockpile but I am starting from scratch again and can't help but panic that I won't have enough stock or variety.

I have to keep telling myself that it will be fine on the day, so I am now taking a deep breath and concentrating on getting something done each day.

Here is today's effort....

They were fun to make and I did them with 7 kids currently at our home for the week.


  1. They look great :)
    Are you going to be at the Rotary market or the Farmers Market at Englebrecht Caves or the Library craft market? Good to see the town getting into the spirit of markets galore :)

  2. You are doing really well! One of my resolutions is making small things to sell at a craft market but have done... nothing!! (yet...) You are doing really well and before you know it you have your stock back. Like the gathered clutch bags. I have been wanting to learn to make them for a while and have the pattern printed... I like your colour choices!

  3. They are gorgeous! And I wish I had your energy...

  4. lovely. Especially the orange and the sock monkey

  5. Love, love, LOVE these! They are great! :)

  6. Thanks everyone. I will be at the craft market at the library on Feb 6th. If all goes well, I will do the market each month (the 1st Sunday of every month).


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