Friday, December 31, 2010


My wonderful mother in law payed off my layby yesterday (I am paying her back) so I could have Ellie the overlocker a little earlier. This was a huge suprise and I am very grateful as I have quite a few projects to complete that are so easily done with an overlocker. Ellie, welcome to the family, I'm sure you will be very happy here.

On my design wall at the moment is a baby boy snuggle quilt. These strips have been sitting around waiting to be all sewn up and looking cute. I will be taking the plunge into the market world once again this year after having a couple of years off, so am very busy designing and making lots of goodies.

I made up this little top for Sophie yesterday, as you can see she likes trying out different looks. I will be making more of these to sell at my market stall.

Have a very happy New Year everyone.


  1. What a mother-in-law :) Happy New Year!

  2. How cute is Sophie!! and what a wonderful model you have. Tell her I like both looks! great changing up her look.


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