Tuesday, December 21, 2010


While it's school holidays it's nearly impossible for me to get out into my caravan to get messy so I decided to bring a little bit inside.

We had an old fold out table sitting under the verandah so it got a wash then was brought into my very small sewing room (the room that was once our dining room). I spent the day tidying up fabric and generally putting stuff away. Is it just me or is it all crafty/arty people that can't seem to tidy up after themselves? The piles get bigger and I swear every time I walk through from the lounge into the kitchen that I will tidy but it just never seems to happen.

Here is a look at my new little "get messy" area. Now I can at least keep up with Julie's art journaling every day by just doing a few minutes here and there. The big thing will be whether or not I cart everything that I am finished using back out to the caravan or I end up with another huge mess.

I love this old chair, it moves around the house as I change things around and it's the perfect height for the table. I think I will make a nice cushion for it this afternoon.


  1. Loooooove that you set up a space to create in! So glad you're participating!!

  2. Looking forward to following you in our journey. My first art journal!


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