Friday, October 22, 2010


These pajama/lounge pants I made today are soooo very comfy, in fact I'm wearing them now.

Janey has a friend, well she always has, it's just that the Olivia the Overlocker has been in hiding in the cupboard for around 8 years. I thought I'd put her out and give her a clean and a home. Now she just needs a new cover and I'm sure she will be very happy breathing in the fresh air.


  1. Loving those pants!!!
    I have that fabric in my stash - it looks awesome as pants - really really great. Bravo!

  2. I am lol that you name your machines, I name everything too. Those lounge pants look very comfy and pretty.

  3. just popped in to see how you have been spending your time. I haven't been commenting lately, and have been quite slack about checking your blog, or anyone's for that matter. Always great seeing what you are making.

  4. We are tall and store bought loungers are never long enough. We make our own and it's quick and easy. Flannel pants are a staple in this house for many months a year. I noticed #4's ankles are hanging out of his...time to sew!!


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