Saturday, September 11, 2010


My quilt as you go quilt took a different turn today. You see I am always changing stuff around and trying to make areas in our small home a little more useful and multi functional.
This is a before picture of an area in our kitchen, the drop down desk held sewing supplies and tools.

I had a vision of this area being a little more useful, so I bought 2 padded storage boxes for a bargain price I might add, placed them at right angles for the kids to sit on to watch the little tv we have out there or to watch and chat to me while I'm cooking (or cleaning). I will also use this area to sit on and have a cuppa or sketch while looking out into the back yard.
The storage will be used to put all of my sewing supplies in.

Anyway..... Back to the quilt, it had now become big cushion covers. Here is one completed cushion, nice and big to put behind so we are not leaning against the glass or the wall.

It's turning into a cute little nook, one day I hope to replace the curtains also, but they will do for now.


  1. Very nice. The cushion is perfect.

  2. It's nice Sue, "nook" is the right word. Those strage boxes are fabulous!

  3. wow you have done well! and Sophie looks so grown up :) It sure doesnt take long does it???? Nice job on the cushion xx

  4. Good idea. I love furniture that does two things at once; I like the storage facility here.


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