Thursday, September 16, 2010


Sophie has had the same quilt on her bed since she was old enough to go into a bed. The quilt was made my mother but now I think it's time for something a little more grown up. As you would have read in previous posts, I'm making the boys both a quilt for Christmas and of course I can't do that and not make her one. I've had these fabrics for a while and always intended on making Sophie a quilt from them.

So, 3 rather large quilts to be made in secret before Christmas (and the rest of the stuff I'm trying to get done also) Easy!!!
At least I've designed them all, that's something I guess.


  1. These fabrics are great. I love them! Where did you find such wonderful designs?

  2. I should think the design is the hardest part?

    You might ask Santa for the Elm Creek books for Christmas --- I think you would enjoy them.

  3. went to the quilt store today and bought bright flannels for a fundraiser item. Problem I want one for me!! Sometimes it's hard to part with fabrics that you like.. :o)

  4. I'm sure sophie will love it! I am collecting material for my 2, nearly there :0) Dont think I'll get them done for christmas though. Cant wait to see the finished quilt xx


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