Monday, September 20, 2010


Fun, fun, fun.
The top stamp is a football jumper that Lachie draw of his favourite player's number, Lance "Buddy" Franklin of Hawthorn.
The bottom stamp is a drawing that Sophie made me, my first attempt of this one didn't work out as the lines were too thin, so I had to go over them with a thicker marker.


  1. Hi Sue, I love your stamps. Here's a tip: When you have fine lines it really helps to "flash" the back of the stamp for a count of 3 before doing the 3 minutes as normal. ie. put the clamp in the wrong way up for a count of 3, then flip over and continue as normal.It helps attach the fine lines to the plastic.

  2. thanks Sally, I did try that but the first stamp still didn't take.
    Just more practice I guess.


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