Monday, August 16, 2010


Another quilt finished off my pile.

I used a batting that I hadn't tried before, it's Nu-Wool, made locally and 60% wool, 40% polyester. I have always used a natural batting before be it cotton, wool or bamboo, but I do like to play with something a little different and since I'm far from a purest as I use a polyester blend thread in my quilts, why not.

I was happily surprised at the result, very easy to quilt and I love the loft of it, I'm impressed and will definately be using it again.

The quilting itself is something I had jotted down in my ideas journal for quite a while. I wanted lines, but an organic look (not nessarily straight) with the lines going in 3 directions and spaced at different intervals. I'm happy with the quilting, I think it suits the design.


  1. you are VERY talented!!! I have some buttons that would go nicely with your quilt:)

  2. Oh its gorgeous Sue!, I love the way you quilted it too, it must have amazing texture!

  3. Sue this is a divine quilt! The birdcage fabric is gorgeous!


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