Sunday, August 8, 2010


If you can see past the really bad grainy photos, you will notice my first attempt at crochet. It's a neck-warmer of sorts and I've got to say, I'm pretty pleased with it.

I didn't follow a pattern, just the idea from other pieces and boy does it keep my neck warm through all of these freezing days watching our boys play footy.


  1. wow Sue! You're a natural at crochet! it turned out great.

  2. Great job, I am still learning crochet. I like your grainy photos they look a bit high fashion -- which I know so much about. ;)

  3. wow sue you are a talented chickie!! I hav'nt crochet since high school, have been meaning to give it a go I want to make a beanie for gem, will have to pop over for a lesson, kid free of course!!

  4. Love your neckwarmer, Sue. My scarves always get in the way when outside doing jobs..
    The buttons - for decoration or for use?


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