Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have been keeping my eye out for fabrics with text on them forwhat seems like ages. Where I live however there really isn't much around. I'm not in a hurry but I have had an idea for a quilt in mind for a couple of years. I fill my cart at Etsy with lots of fabrics, only to disregard them as they are from too many different sellers and the postage is way too great. SIGH.......
So here is my little stash (I also have heaps of selvages to use up).

I bought these books from the Book Depository in England last week. Unbelievable that the books are heaps cheaper than out here and free postage world-wide!!!! These books both contain 3 books within each of Elm Creek Quilts stories. I have wanted to read them for ages and of course our library doesn't keep them. Jennifer is an amazing writer, boy she gets you sucked into the story and just learning about the history of quilting in this way is fasinating. Well worth reading and I can't believe I'm hooked on something else other than the Twilight series!!! Yes I've read them all 6 times!


  1. My friend Naomi and I love Elm Creek books, thanks for the tip on the bookshop in England!

    How's your refocus list going? Cheers.

  2. I will keep my eye out for fabrics with text Sue;))
    Lol about the books! I found a new hook up, try just one Sookie Stackhouse and i garantee you a new addiction lol!! I am so over Twilight now that i know Eric,the viking vampire, lol!!!


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