Saturday, July 10, 2010


The pimping of my van.

Well I got to do some more pimping last night, ahhhh so much fun.

This sign is over my van door.
I'm not sure I am comfortable with the word artist when applying it to myself but what was I going to say, "wannabe @ work" or "crafter @ work". No, I'll stick with artist.

These next photos are works of art from the most amazing, talented group of friends I know. They are my online g-inspired friends.
I treasure their work, they are so inspiring.


  1. Hey Sue. All the cj's look great all strung up in your van. It is a great way to display them. I have mine all pinned to a noticeboard so I see them each day too! I feel honoured to see mine hanging up there.

    You DO deserve to call yourself an Artist. You are very very talented.

  2. My daughter would love you, pimping vans is something she loves doing! And you are SO an ARTIST.

  3. Hello Sue,

    They look so wonderful up on your wall, how wonderful to have them displayed that way. um. can I say something about mine though..... they are meant to be the other way around, with the GARDEN one on the right hand side, and the "won't you come out to play" on the left.

    I like the artist @ work.

    I hope you keep pimping and creating. It's always wonderful to look at. Hope you have a great Sunday.


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