Monday, June 21, 2010


oh this is definately my "new favorite quilt".
Here's the close up of the odd block that I included just for a little bit of difference.

I've pretty much used up most of my FMF prints now and I'm so glad I used them to make pretty things, not just kept them in a cupboard.
I love the scrappy border using the left over scraps, ahhh I love everything about this quilt. I am adding this one to the pledge list and should hopefully have it quilted this week.


  1. Oh I love it, the colours are so fresh, beautiful quit Sue.

  2. this is fabulous! you were right to use your fabric instead of hoarding it! beautiful!

  3. I love the colors!! Absolutely fabulous!!!

  4. Ohhhh Fabulous! I love the odd block, I can see how its your new favorite! and Yay for using your FMF, Im still in the hoarding phase with mine, I have plans for it, just no time yet.

  5. NO wonder you love this, it looks great!

  6. I love your Pinwheel Quilt and go back to gaze at it so often! What size did you make the pinwheels?


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