Friday, June 25, 2010


Trisha over at TLC Stitches got me really thinking about how I store my fabric. I never see it as it's stored away in boxes with my designer fabrics stored seperately in fear of them catching something from the common fabrics. LOL
So today that all changed, I emptied a couple of shelves by putting all of Sophie's books in a bookcase in her room and placed my fabrics together out in the open, designer and all.

I still have 2 boxes full of batiks and other fabrics I like to use for art quilts, but for the moment I'm happy to see some fabrics I had completely forgotten about.

Here some progress on a quilt I started today. I will be making 4 of these quilts, all similar for my new Etsy store. Well maybe 3 as Sophie is a huge Dr Seuss fan.


  1. It's great to get your fabrics on show. I love your Dr Seuss fabric. It's going to be a fun quilt!

  2. That is awesome, Sue! I laughed out loud when I read that you have kept your designer fabric seperate because it might catch something. And it looks like your new arrangement is helping your creativity. The Dr. Seuss quilt is so cute and fun.

  3. How beautiful. Storing fabric is so tricky - I love that you have yours out and ready for inspriation, to be put to use and to be just appreaciated for their very selves.

  4. those blocks are creative, vibrant, and inspire wondrous thoughts!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  5. What a good idea to store them out in the open. I really admire your work.

  6. well your fabrics look good Sue, and I think your designer fabrics are going to survive just fine! lol

  7. good for you Sue!! It's like walking into a candy store when your fabrics are out there to see all the timed!


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