Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I didn't want to start making hexagons. My mum was making these things when I was a child and they really never held much appeal for me.
Over the last couple of months all I've seen are cute little hexagons made from modern fabrics everywhere and I went to bed last night thinking up what fabrics I could use from my stash for my tiny 1/2 inch hexagons.
I've suprised myself, they are so cute and fun to do. Mind you, cutting all of the hexagons out has been trying. (my local fabric store wanted nearly $7 for 100 pieces of paper and there was no way I was paying that plus they weren't quite the right size).


  1. I am seeing hexagons everywhere!!! I've not given them a go... and frankly observing so many new confessed 'addicts' I'm not sure I have the time to give it a go.
    Your hexagons look mighty ace!

  2. I can imagine that they would be addictive (not for me though - looks like sewing (q; )

    Yours are gorgeous.

  3. I too have got on board the Hex train. I used to think they were very ho hum but now....
    Love the fabrics you have used.

  4. I'm addicted too, yours are so tiny and cute though! I might have to give itsy ones a go!

  5. Check out Texas Freckles. I think she has a free template for printing.


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