Friday, April 30, 2010


I visited my good friend Nancy today, she's just come back from Bali again (she goes a couple of times a year). Nancy always buys up big on batik fabrics and today I asked her if she had any spare scraps, of course she said yes, she's such a generous soul. Her scraps got me quite inspired and as soon as I came home I started ironing and cutting.

So a bit of the above pile became this.....

and then became this...... Click on the photo for a better look at the stitching.

here is the back, the backing is a wool blend felt.

the next step should happen this weekend, I'll be watching Avatar tonight, I hope I like it.


  1. What a beautiful colours and what a lot of stitching! I did enlarge the photo and you can see it quite well then! So lucky to have a friend travelling to bali!

  2. Sue, please move next door to me so that I can run in and ask you how to sew like you do.

  3. just a quick little quilt..... really I can't believe how quickly you do them. It looks great.

  4. Delicious fabrics ... LOVE what you have done with them!


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