Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last year I was introduced to what seemed like a fantastic way of getting new release fabrics at a really cheap price. This site acted like a co-op, so I placed my order then waited until a quantity was reached then payed for my fabrics through paypal.
This was way back in November 2009.
I ordered all of the Hope Valley range from Fabfanatic Fabrics and still have not received a thing. I have sent countless emails and have not received one reply, so I can only assume that I have lost all of my money and will be getting nothing in return.
I am so angry that I was taken advantage of and will be extremely wary of any new places I buy my fabrics from in the future, luckily I do have some great sites that I order from and have never had a problem.

So there's my whinge, if you do ever hear of Fabfanatic Fabrics, I'd suggest to not even give them a second glance. Please don't waste your money.


  1. How irritating! I hope you were able to recoup the money through Paypal!

  2. My stomach dropped for you! I'm so sorry that happened for you. Ugh that would make me so mad as well (heck I'm mad for you) Thanks for the heads up though.

  3. The SAME thing happened to me, and I am so mad! I think I am actually going to file a claim against them in small claims court. They cannot just take people's money like this. It is SO wrong.

  4. Well, that just stinks! I appreciate the warning. It never ceases to amaze me what some people are capable of... if I even contemplated harming another person in that way, I couldn't sleep at night!!! Hope you end up with your fabric after all. :) Melissa

  5. Oh No Sue! I purchased something through paypal earlier this year (not fabric) than never arrived. I found the paypal dispute process good and ended up getting my money back thankfully, though I do understand that its not always possible. Thanks for the heads up on this business.

  6. Oh that sucks. I too hope you can get your money back via Paypal.

  7. It seems you aren't alone in your situation, Sue. I just went over to the site and saw a few complaints from people to whom the same thing has happened. That is such poor conduct on the behalf of that company, if it really even is a company and not just a front. I hope something comes right from somewhere. Go Jeniqua, I hope you win your claim, if you make one. Maybe they are counting on people to NOT do anything, other than cut their losses and never go back.


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