Friday, January 1, 2010


Here is the finished cover of my study journal for a weekly herb study I'm undertaking over at Down To Earth (link is over to the right)

and here's how we spent the first day of 2010

Have a lovely New Year's Day everyone.


  1. Happy New Year SUE!!!

    Looks like a great warm day. lots of fun, but where was Darren? Nowhere in the photos at all. Have a wonderful year.

  2. It was a great day, lovely weather. Nice pics but you should have put up a couple of the weirder ones that Danny took, lol.
    See you again in a couple of weeks.

  3. Love the pics, the kids are all growing so quick! Love the pics of Auntie Sandra and Uncle Theo, where were they taken? Catch you soon XX

  4. Happy new year!! What a great way to spend the first day of he year!


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