Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well we are back from holidays, actually we got back last week after being blown around in our tent and had to make the decision to leave early.
We had 4 days of sun and great beach weather, so the kids weren't too disappointed about coming home.

Sorry I haven't been around here but I wanted to spend all of my time with the kids before they started school today for the year.

I'm not feeling that great today, missing my babies and the fact that Daniel started high school today hasn't helped. He looked so small and lost walking into the school this morning, I know he will find his bearings and will love being there especially since he got into the cricket program. I really think this is harder on me than him.

This afternoon I decided to do a spot of sewing, remember this quilt?

I also made a promise to the ladies I teach that I would have it finished by Christmas, I didn't say what Christmas now did I? I'm half way there. When I started this quilt about 10 months ago I was just starting to change my taste in fabrics, this quilt was nothing like I had ever made before yet something drew me to the boldness of the colours. It's been slow going, very time consuming and now I love it, it is so me.

I am keeping a week to week journal of my garden this year

I picked up this gorgeous notebook from Robe last year and it has been waiting for something special to fill it. I started by just journaling in it, then decided it needed to be an art journal of sorts, so here are a few pages I've been working on.


  1. Lovin' the journal. You will enjoy looking back on it in years to come and hopefully you will have many garden success stories in there. Don't forget to include illustrations of any fairies you may find lurking at the bottom of the garden ;)

  2. Let me start by saying that you are very talented! The string quilt is gorgeous and your journal is equally gorgeous. Your illustrations truly make the journal special.

  3. The black! One of my favourite spiderweb quilts I've seen. That black just makes it.

  4. I do remember that quilt Sue. Should be finished soon then if you are working on it again. I love your garden journal and the book that found for it is just gorgeous. Nice size. I have a little gook that I bought that is waiting for me to use as well, you just reminded me of it.

  5. Sue, there looks to be so much work in the quilt, but it will be worth it, it is awesome.
    Daniel will settle in in no time, and you will wonder why you worried


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