Thursday, December 17, 2009


My dad asked me to make him a remote holder for his chair for Christmas. He wanted a holder that held only 1 remote but I made it slightly bigger so he could pop his glasses in there if he wanted to. I used a non-slip fabric for the back so it won't slip around on him. I hope he likes it :)

Remember being at the beach as a child and using your towel to sit on, then after playing in the water having to use the sandy towel to dry yourself? I remember and that is why I have designed this beach/garden quilt for little ones to sit and play on.
The quilt measures 38" x 38" with a tie that holds your rolled quilt together. A drawstring bag allows little ones to carry the quilt with ease.
Flannelette is used for the wadding so the quilt can be quickly rinsed and dried.
Now available in my Madeit store or by emailing me direct.

Look what Sophie lost today. Her first tooth and she's so happy that the tooth fairy will be visiting her tonight.


  1. How clever! I am sure your father will love it!
    Supercool Sophie! I hope the toothfairie spoils you ;)


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