Thursday, December 10, 2009


Happy 9th Birthday Lachie and Happy 6th Birthday Sophie.

Sophie got her very cute little Janome sewing machine and made this little bag right away. Looks like some mother, daughter sewing time coming up very soon.

Lachie got a DSi for this birthday and Christmas. I can't get him off of it.

My other baby, Daniel graduated from primary school tonight. We had the presentations then we left the kids to a disco for 1 1/2 hours. Dan had a great time, I still can't believe he will be in high school next year.

Last night we had Christmas carols at the school. Sophie and Lachie got up on stage and sung their little hearts out. Here's a photo of one very excited little girl!


  1. Celebrations all around! Congrats! Isnt time going way too fast? Our babies are getting big!

  2. What a great day. Heaps of excitement and fun stuff. It sure kept you busy!

  3. Don't they grow up too fast? Mother and daughter sewing for sure!!! I love the end of school year stuff that you have to go to, it sometimes seems to be a bit of a drag to get there, but always so much fun once you are there and the kids love it so much!! xo

  4. Happy Birthday all around! (And how stinkin' cute is that sewing machine?!)

  5. happy birthday to your Lachie and Sophie!!! That's quite the birthday cake they got!!!


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