Friday, October 2, 2009


First up thanks to all those who commented on what to do with this quilt, I really should have just gone with my first idea which is what most of you thought I should do here and on Flickr.

Secondly, I was getting fed up with shifting furniture everytime I wanted to lay out a quilt on the floor and I read on a blog (sorry, can't remember which one) about making a portable design wall. I thought, why didn't I think of that!!! You see, I don't have room for a permanent fixture so this is just perfect, it's amazing how clearly you see things when you are looking straight at them.
So off to the hardware shop to get 2 pieces of dowel, then off to Spotlight to pick up some really cheap flannel, sew 2 rod pockets and there you have it, perfect to put up on our sliding doors. To pack up all I have to do is roll it and slide it under our bed. I'm loving it already.
Tonight I will get this quilt top together then I will spend some time writing down all of the ideas I have floating around in my head.


  1. Very cool idea Sue :) and the quilt is looking great!

  2. well done on both the designwall and the quilt! I read that post too on the portable designwall and can't find it back either... aaaah...blogland... so easy to get lost !

  3. I've definitely thought about doing the portable design wall since there's no room for it here. Love seeing yours!


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