Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I scrapbooked!!!!!
As I have mentioned lately I am having a finishing off month. Here is an album I started making last year of the kids in the Grampians. I have shown some of the pages before but now it is finally complete.

While I was in a finishing off mood and already had torn papers out, I thought I might finally finish of a circle journal I've had sitting here for quite some time. Sorry for the lateness Patti :) The theme is 'my top 5'

Now back to some sewing.

BTW my private P!NK concert was too awesome for words, just like being there again.


  1. Love your work Sue - I really should be getting my fingers dirty while I'm on holidays! Although I have been getting them literally dirty, and I finally posted again, come and visit :-)

  2. Hello Sue, you sure have been busy. good to see. Great that you are getting things all finished off. I did some of that myself today. still much more to do. good to see your stuff.

  3. Looking great and well done for getting things finished Sue... I have so many half started things still on my list ;)
    Aga xx


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