Sunday, September 13, 2009


only one more year of my 30's left. I'm fine with that I mean you can't stop time now can you.
So here is how I spent my day, well actually the last 2 days.

Making a fairy garden for Sophie

We have had the best time together, weeding, painting and planting and Sophie can't wait for the fairies to come out and play tonight.

The toadstools are made from logs and concrete for the tops, I think we will make a couple more of those.

There is still mulch and a little border fence to go around but as you can see from Sophie's clothes it is really cold, wet and windy here so they can wait for another day.

There is a path going to the tree which still needs a magic door that the fairies can open and close, that too is coming.

What a lovely way to spend my birthday.


  1. Happy birthday - I love your fairy garden

  2. Happy Birthday Sue!! I love the fairy garden too, how did you do the concrete for the toadstools? My girls would love one of those in our garden!

  3. How beautiful,how clever are you, my favourite of all toadstoods,
    Happy Birthday

  4. Sue, It's gorgeous and Willow has seen it and wants one now too. is this in your front yard or the back? i hope you enjoyed your day, it must have felt great to get it to this point. The pictures are really lovely! Sophie sure is getting big! The little girl cheeks seem to be turning into big girl cheeks.... Have a wonderful last year in your thirties. It will be a wonderful one I am sure.
    "happy birthday, Sue"
    Lisa and Willow
    xx oo

  5. Happy, happy birthday Sue!!!! it sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend and I love the look of the fairy garden... I wonder if I would get away with a few toadstools in my garden ;)
    Take care
    Aga xx

  6. Happy birthday Sue!! Sophie, your garden is so cute! Setara might like to have one just like it!


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