Thursday, August 6, 2009


My Madeit shop is looking pretty empty so I've put all other quilts on hold to add some new ones to it.
This is my version of a modern baby boy's quilt that is soft and snuggly enough to use as a wrap, I will use a cuddly flannel for the back and a thin batting so it is kept nice and soft.

I have some of my very favourite fabrics in this quilt along with a stone coloured linen/cotton blend to tie it all together.
I wish my babies were still little enough to use this one :)


  1. this quilt is really nice Sue.

  2. Explain to me my dear - where oh where do you find the time????? I really dont know what I do but time just disapears!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and nice work by the way !!!!

  3. Great baby quilt for a boy. Love the fabrics!

  4. Love the quilt Sue and the fabrics are fabulous! I have just had a peek at your made it store...and very tempted by the cute cherry journal;)
    Aga xx


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