Saturday, August 22, 2009


I saw this crocheted rug at my local thrift shop and just had to have it as I know I'll never be able to make one. It cost me $5, that's it just $5!
How sad is it that someone can spend hours and hours on something for it to end up being tossed as though it's worth nothing. Well I know I will treasure it, it's just perfect for me to snuggle under on the verandah with a cup of green tea.

I like to pick up vintage sheets and pillowcases and today I managed to pick up quite a few. So even though I am in the middle of too many projects to count, I downed tools to start this one.
I decided I needed a little summer in my life so I put this top together to use at the beach to sit on. I love the the vintage prints all put together.
There is no wadding in his one only the top and back for easy drying from all of those wet sandy bums that will be happily sitting on it.
I will quilt it together and bind it hopefully tonight and then put it away and wait for some sunny weather.

I made this cute little box pouch last night from this online tutorial here
I can't believe how quick this was to make, just perfect for holding my most used cottons in.


  1. what a great vintage find!

    Love the brightness of your beach quilt - and your little pouch is pretty cute

  2. great crotchet rug-my mum has made so many of these over the years, and no way would I part with them

  3. your most used "cottons", is that what you say in Australia for thread?


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