Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don't fall over with shock but I actually did something creative that did not involve sewing.
These are backgrounds for my art journal to be completed when I feel like it. This sudden urge to make a mess may also mean that poor Wendy and Lisa will finally get their cj pages.


  1. They look great Sue and must have been a lot of fun to create... and sometimes it feels good to make a mess ;)

  2. hi!!
    beautiful things, and ver very inspiring.
    thanks for sharing!!

  3. gorgeous work, Sue - and the quilts are wonderful. clever lady.

    btw - the word verification is a little dodgy this time: fackf ?! WTF?

  4. loving thr look of all these pages & I agree with Manda, goorgeous quilts, can't wait to have mine arrive

  5. Yeah creative mess! I miss it!


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