Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a lovely relaxing mother's day I had today. Okay, so the kids decided that 5:30am was a good time to start the day, but being the dutiful hubby Darren is, he was out of bed to look after them so I could sleep in.
The kids insisted I have brekkie in bed, not my favourite thing to do, I would rather be at the table but I didn't let on. They all sat with eager eyes waiting for compliments while I ate and then I got my lovely homemade cards, some lollies wrapped up, a lovely handmade bookmark and some chocolates and a rose. I feel very spoilt and the kids really put in a lot of effort.
They even tried to behave and not fight for my sake, I'm so proud of them.

Now, onto other news......
My little Janome has decided to co-operate after about 5 hours of trying to get it to free motion quilt, it's working, well sort of. If I use the same colour cotton for the top and bobbin I can get away with it, unfortunately trying to find a cotton that suited the top and back of this quilt proved to be a huge challenge, so this is the best I can do for now. Mind you, going down and seeing the price of my upgraded machine forced me to keep trying to get this one working.

So G-Inspired CJ girls, do you know what this next photo means? Yes that's right I'm nearly there girls, here are the tags, cj's are not far behind. Thank you for your patience.
Please excuse the messy workspace :)


  1. I looked at upgrading my machine too and got that same idea.

    Hope you had a great mothers day and didn't end up with crumbs in the bed!

  2. Thanks Sue :)
    It's great to read your kids made your day such a special one - I got handmade cards too and it's these little gifts from the heart that I always cherish the most!!
    Oh and you must be very happy your sewing mahcine has finally decided to co-operate ;)
    Aga xx

  3. what a good little janome!

    lovely that you had such a nice day, too. imagine how much easier motherhood would be if our kids tried hard not to bicker EVERY DAY?

  4. it looks like your quilt is working out really well! YAY for that hey. I didn't get anything for mother's day except a prompted "happy mother's day, mom."
    sounded like a great day.

  5. Hey Sue... I like mine the best!!!!
    Ha ha

    Would you share the pattern for this most amazing quilt please ??? absolutely adore it!!!

    Iam so happy you got your machine working! Bad things like that happen at the most oppertune times!

    Happy Mommas day!

  6. Hiya Sue
    Happy that your machine is working. You deserved to have a lovely mother's day :)


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