Thursday, May 28, 2009


"Memories Of Bright" is made from fabrics bought in Bright, Victoria while on our family holiday in the snow last year.
I loved putting together this quilt although all of the frustration with my machine while quilting it was not so enjoyable. Yesterday after more cursing and re-threading my machine finally allowed me to finish stipple quilting.

I have always loved quilting my own quilts, but sadly there are so many people out there who won't even attempt it. I have students who are beginners and have just completed their first quilt top and don't even want to try and quilt, this is very common and "each to their own" I guess, they would rather send it off to be professionally quilted. I get a lot of pleasure in completing the whole process not just part of it. As a teacher I encourage the quilting, but there is only so much you can do.

That's my whinge for today, what are your thoughts on this quilt? I would love to know.


  1. Well I think this quilt is fantastic Sue. Soooo much work in it. You seem to make them so quick. Are you keeping this one for yourself??

  2. I too think that it's VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I wonder what kind of student I would be.... would I finish the quilt? If you were my teacher I would for sure. Don't your students know you other side? I like to finish things that i start, and then just never do it again...... lol
    Are you keeping it, as Wendy asked, or is it for sale??
    Hope you have a good Friday, Sue.

  3. WOW! Is that the back with the red? It's AMAZING!

  4. Hi Sue, come over to have a peek at your site from the lovely comment you left on mine. I totally agree with you about being able to say you completed the whole quilt yourself. It is sad that people won't even attempt to quilt themselves. I am a hand quilter mostly as you would've seen on my blog and I think it is also said that this too seems to be dying art. Yes each to their own I guess.

  5. I love the quilt and the white sashing makes it looks so fresh

    I have about eight tops waiting for me to quilt as i do like to finish them myself!


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