Monday, April 13, 2009

Okay, so I've been thinking that it's about time I started being accountable for not only what I eat but how much I exercise in a public place so I'm starting another blog for those very reasons. Health and exercise play a huge role in my life and always has, be it physical, mental or my studies.

So here it is What Are You Waiting For
There is a link on the side bar for whenever you want to visit. I will be recording how I am going, have tips on exercise and nutrition and links to great sites.
I hope this blog wil be useful to you in some way.


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  1. Ok Sue, I think you have been getting private tuition from g...I mean she has more hours in her day than the rest of us and now I think she is sharing her secret with you. How many hours do you have in your day miss...

    ...mixed media artist and health guru
    ...and all the other things I can't even begin to remember.

    Beautiful Blog Sue and I love the new one too!


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