Sunday, March 22, 2009


Another big cooking weekend here at the Brown's.
First up was the picking of the tomatoes, zucchini, squash, asparagus and carrots then it was time to do some work.
Saturday was a full day of making tomato sauce. I tried a new recipe this year, one of Jamie Oliver's and it's the best sauce to date I think.

You'll notice some of the jars have chilli written on them, they are definately not for me!!!! They are for Darren's benefit, I think he's crazy.

Today was a bit easier, a vegetable quiche with all the yummy homegrown veges, apricot chicken in the slow cooker and cup-cakes for the kids for school. So no crafting happened here this weekend I'm afraid, but tomorrow if it's slow at work I will be putting together some fleamarket bags, hopefully I can show you tomorrow night.


  1. was the sauce recipe from jamies' at home book - the ketchup one? I nearlly made that one a couple of weeks ago when we got a huge crop off our tomatoes. maybe i should have tried it!

  2. Everything looks wonderful Sue. How great to have your own garden and fresh vegetables. am waiting to see what you make tomorrow.


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