Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is our Easter tree.
Over the next few years it will look fuller but as this is it's first year with us, I need to build up our collection of handpainted wooden eggs.
The kids and I had fun yesterday, chopping off a limb from one of our trees, then trying to work out how to hang our pretty little eggs. We came up with black wire on some and ribbon on others, I think they look pretty good hung that way.
The idea came from this blog
My favorite wooden eggs are the bird ones, so pretty.


  1. Wow I love this idea Sue!!! might have to 'borrow' it if that's ok ;)
    Hand painted eggs are a big tradition in our culture and this would be a beautiful way to display them - thanks for shring!
    Aga xx

  2. what a lovely tradition to start with your family. it looks perfect in your loungeroom (like peeking out your windows too).

  3. I like the stones that you added to your glass vase Sue. In a few years you're going to need a bigger tree perhaps!
    your house is so neat and tidy, and I imagine it's always like that.

  4. Oh That os so pretty Sue-and waht a tidy house you have!!


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