Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I'm feeling a little better today and woke up wanting to make a cover for my quilts journal. This journal houses pictures of quilts I've made and the details about the quilts.

*collect a heap of different selvages from fabrics, if you don't have an obscene amount of fabric like me, ask family or friends that sew to collect them for you.

*cut pieces of calico for a backing to sew the selvages on to, then starting from the bottom of the calico, add selvages one at a time and sew into place overlapping as you go.
I cut my calico to around 7" x 7".

*completed squares. I made 4 squares to fit my journal cover.

*cut your squares to sew back together in a patchwork style. I have some selvages going vertical and some horizontal.

*once sewn, cut to size then add a thin chipboard backing and sew the fabric onto the chipboard with a zigzag stitch.

*punch holes in the cover and pages then bind with wool threads.


  1. I really love the design of your blog... it's really pretty!

  2. great books, I've been meaning to start collecting selvedges so I can create something with them.

  3. cool cool cool! thanks for that Sue!

  4. Sue, this is gorgeous...you are so clever!

  5. what a great idea Sue. I guess you could do the same with the bits off the bottom of scrapping paper too!!!

  6. What a creative use for all of your selvages! I won't just toss mine next time! They made a beautiful fabric!

  7. Sue, what a cool idea! I really like how you put it together!

  8. Such a fun idea, I'm always saving selvages AND making books, this is a great way to use them together :)

  9. Sue, I know this is an old post but I was ready to toss some selvages yesterday and thought I'd keep them for a project. This one is great. Glad I was noodling around on your blog today.


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