Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We had an early Christmas with my parents on Sunday as they will be away visiting 2 of my sisters on the big day.

This is how we spent last night, a quiet family pre-Christmas dinner.

And this is how we spent Christmas eve.

Last year is was vampire gingerbread man, this year meet Lachie's gingerbread redback spider.

May you all have a very happy Christmas, stay safe and thanks for visiting.



  1. Merry Christmas Sue. It is lovely to see family having so much fun and the joy and your kids faces says it all.
    Love Donna.

  2. The Spider is great. BTW, there were little hair elastics that matched the dress just tucked into the end of the package and taped in. Did you find them? I thought I should mention it cause they might easily get missed.
    Merry Christmas Sue.

  3. I hope your Christmas was fantastic.

    love all the Gingerbread creations - talented kids there.

  4. Awesome photos! Happy Holidays!!!

  5. Loving your photos & those biscults look amazing
    Love your leadlight cabinate I would happily give that house room


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