Friday, December 5, 2008


OMG, if you could only buy 1 book on the subject of mixed media please make it this one.

I have to admit I have been a huge fan of Kelly Rae's work for quite some time, but the way this book is written gives you so much food for thought, the projects are achievable and simply gorgeous and the eye candy is to die for.

You wanted to know Manda, do yourself a favour and get this one you won't be sorry.

I've spent so much time with my nose in this book that Mixed Media Self Portraits hasn't really had a look in, but I have flipped through it and it's definately looking good.


  1. ohhh lucky you Sue. Did you order it online?? It would make a good Chrissy present (for me that is)!!

  2. thanks for the review, Sue...will whisper in Santa's ear.



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