Saturday, November 29, 2008

Can you believe it's nearly December?
We went and saw our little Heidi today and were told some exciting news. We can bring her home next Thursday, we thought we still had 11 days to go but she is feeding well and will be ready next week. The kids are over the moon!!!!

I made up these pencil wraps for Lachie and Sophie's birthdays next month, a very quick and easy little extra something for my babies.


  1. Heidi sure is beautiful. as is your neck!! Heidi loves it. I really would have loved to see your face in that photo. seeing how much you love your new little girl. lucky lucky you with her coming so soon. Won't the kids see their presents before you give them? being on your blog and all? The wraps are really lovely Sue. How was your week anyway?

  2. Really love your pencil wraps and that Heidi...she is so cute!

  3. Sue, your new banner is GREAT!! what a beautiful Santa.

  4. love the pencil wraps - i keep thinking i want to make something similar for paintbrushes etc but i'm too lazy! i recognize the fabric from Sophie's - you used it on a journal didn't you?

    big Mwah for that Heidi - she is so adorable.

  5. What a cutie!! I'll bet you can't wait to get her home with you!

    Love those pencil wraps - I need to make something to carry supplies when I go to crop.

  6. This is the cutest pupper I've ever seen. Awwwwww ...


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