Friday, October 3, 2008


after 3 days away in the Grampians with their grandparents, all of my babies are home again. I missed them so much and kept myself busy by making things. I should have been re-plastering and painting Sophie's bedroom, but doing these things made me very happy.
A simple page for Lachie's album

The journaling reads:
This is Dan in his "car" having a race with his class mates. Lachie decided he was in on this one and grabbed a piece of car wreckage from a previous race and took off holding a bit of cardboard in front of him.
What a class act, he made us laugh so hard.

Another pretty skirt for Sophie

A quilt for Lachie's bed. Ignore the threads, it's only the quilt top ATM, it will be put together tomorrow hopefully.


  1. another very pretty skirt Sue, and are the pictures on the quilt all different? Different styles of a biker?

  2. Willow said she likes it and could you show her all the picture..... she means being able to see Sophie!


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