Monday, October 6, 2008


What a beautiful weekend we've had here, the sun has been shining, the bulbs are out, today is a holiday and it's raining.
It's my Mum's birthday tomorrow so I'm taking her out the our local native nursery to buy her some plants, she loves natives as much as I do. We had better put on our raincoats though.

Last night I was totally G-Inspired (Gloria Froese Inspired) and here is what I came up with. I love how the napkin looks over the photo, a total fluke getting the flower over my eye and so glad it worked out like that. I hand cut the swirl from pp and basically stuck everything down with Golden Matte Gel Medium. Now I've always been a Mod Podge girl but now I have the Golden Medium, it will be hard to go back, I love it, the consistancy is beautiful and it just glides over whatever you are applying it to. (Yes I get very excited about mediums).


  1. Sue - i think this is fantastic - you sure have had the creativity bug lately haven't you.

  2. it really is beautiful. Creativity never stops in you it seems!

  3. oops. It was me. Lis a dawn

  4. STUN-NING!!!!!!!!!!!! it's just beautiful Sue.


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