Saturday, August 23, 2008


I started this wall hanging of my grandparents a couple of weeks ago. They both passed away when I was a little baby, I wish I could have got to know them and their story. They raised my dad and his 12 brothers and sisters in The Netherlands in a small farmhouse and shipped the whole family out to Australia with nothing to their names in 1954 in search of a better life.

Close ups of stitching, embellishments and beading:

I pieced the background from various vintage style fabrics onto calico, then free- motion stitched flowers onto the bottom half.
I copied the photo onto transfer paper then transferred onto white fabric and cut around the image.
I stitched the image onto the background and added the vintage doily and lace.
The borders were put on next then the quilting was added.
The metal words, buttons and beads were then handstitched into place.
With binding stitched on the wall hanging is 19" x 21" and I will give it to my dad for father's day next month.

Thanks for looking and thank you to those special people that take the time to leave comments on my blog, I love reading them and I appreciate each and every one.


  1. Wow it looks great - love the stitching, are they french knots or beads?

    Was the transfer paper easy to use? I've only had trouble when I've tried

  2. Sue this is a real masterpiece. I love the fact that it is so sentimental, It makes me want to do one of may nan and grandpa. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Wow - you sure were busy! I love all your creations, Sue - they're gorgeous.

    Sigh...wouldn't it be nice if we could slow our billy lids down?

  4. wow I really love what you did here, it's awesome!

  5. A big decision your grandparents made. love the hanhing. It's beautiful.


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