Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Here is my take on the mixed media challenge over at Blue Bazaar. This month's challenge is pens/markers.

I used blendable pens to colour in the bubbles on bubble-wrap. I then pressed the wrap to the file card. This makes a really cute background, it's something I thought up at one of those 2am awake times I seem to have quite frequently. Sometimes I wish my brain would just rest but then again I have my most creative ideas in the early hours of the morning.

To make up the rest of the file card:
1. cut out file card from cardstock or heavy paper
2. ink edges
3. do your bubble-wrap background
4. tear a piece of patterned paper and ink edges front and back
5. scrunch up paper, flatten out, roll,tear or fold edges
6. glue on patterned paper
7. add napkin image by glueing under napkin then stippling glue over the top (my napkin is from g over in Canada, isnt it gorgeous?)
8. add velvet ribbon and twisty tie.

Have fun

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