Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is what I have been busy working on for the last week. I started this quilt 10 years ago, then took it apart about 5 years ago as I wasn't very happy with it, put it back together and haven't touched it since. Now is the time to finally hand quilt it with love in every stitch.

Let me tell you about it.

I am extremely sentimental and find it hard to give away anything to do with my children. After my first son, Daniel, had grown out of his newborn clothes I wanted to keep them all, not just for future children, but to look at and smell whenever I wanted. This certainly was not a practical thing as we intended on having more children and our house was quite limited on space. Some people thought I was crazy but I cut up all of his precious clothes into squares and decided to make a quilt out of them. It was a hard thing to do at first, but I soon saw the benefits of being able to see all those precious pieces of fabric in one gorgeous quilt that I would one day put away in Daniel's memory box and who knows, maybe he will use this quilt for his little babies.

So here we are, I am enjoying handstitching this quilt more than any I have made. I love looking at the fabrics as I quilt and I remember my little baby from so many years ago.

I now look forward to making quilts for Lachlan and Sophie, their clothes were also cut up and put away ready for me to stitch some love into them when I was ready.

The quilting is nearly done and I will post a photo of the whole quilt when it is finished.

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  1. That is so touching! I have no doubt it will a well loved quilt!
    ( gosh,wish I could quilt,I have a large box of babyclothes too lol!)
    Bet it was hard to cut them up...


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