Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I just wanted to share a picture of the ATC's and MOO cards I received today thanks to a swap organised by the very talented Monique in the Netherlands.
Top row L-R Monique,Tracey,Carolyn
Middle Row L-R g,Danielle,Rebecca C
Bottom Row L-R Rebecca,Elizabeth

Top Row L-R Rebecca,Tracey,Severine,Sue,Gayle,Bec
Botom Row L-R Jacqui,Cherie,Helen,g


  1. Wow! What gorgeous work! I love them all! Totally inspiring!

  2. Oh nice! you have some lovely ones there (all of them) so many different styles. (and one of them is mine, Yay, glad you got one :D)Helen X

  3. Wow Sue those are fabulous ATCs. I bet that was fun mail to FUN mail.
    Allison (from G's blog)

  4. Isnt mail fun?:)) btw,the anonimous one was from Rebecca,she forgot to sign them ( and so did I..oops)
    hugs! Monique

  5. the moo cards were a lot of fun to do, great pic of them all.
    cherie :)


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